The tectonic shift in energy transition is one of the most crucial steps that our generation has taken towards a greener future. Decarbonization, brought about by an increased and efficient utilization of electricity, can greatly contribute to achieving climate-positive impact as a part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Electric vehicles are an integral instrument in this revolution and the global climate will, without a shadow of a doubt, benefit immensely from their large-scale adoption. We, at EVNI, are passionate about clean energy and have realized the importance of the shift to plug-in vehicles in this journey. As such, for years we have dreamt of introducing to the people of India the extraordinary potential of electric vehicles. EVNI, the first website of its kind dedicated solely to Indian electric vehicles, is the culmination of this dream.

    Our Values


    EVNI aims to provide to its readers solely the most current, factually accurate, and research-intensive information, news, and updates.​


    You can depend on us for information that is genuine and devoid of any bias or prejudice.


    The expert team of writers at EVNI has extensive knowledge about Indian electric vehicles and is constantly on the lookout for new developments in this field to ensure that you are always up to speed.​


    The Indian electric vehicles industry is fairly new, with frequent changes in landscape and sweeping new developments. In order to keep up with these changes, we, at EVNI, believe that flexibility is key.

    Our Mission

    EVNI has an unwavering focus on catalyzing the shift to clean energy in India by bringing to its people factually correct information about Indian electric vehicles from only the most credible sources. Electric vehicles, particularly those in India, are still a rarity. Information about them is, therefore, quite difficult to come by. Through EVNI, we hope not only to keep existing EV users updated about recent developments but also to raise awareness about the role of these vehicles in environmental conservation. We hope to inspire our readers to become a more active part of the revolution by familiarizing them with Indian electric vehicles and their immense potential.

    The Man Behind the Mission - Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma’s passion for all things car and tech-related dates back to his early days. He is also an ardent environmentalist who takes active steps to spread awareness about climate change. EVNI is an amalgamation of his interest in and extensive knowledge about electric vehicles and his ambition of promoting a climate-friendly lifestyle.

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